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Optics project for extra credit

Fri 07Nov2014 8:44AM

The project consists of individual study of a Modern Optics topic of your choice, preparation of a Power-point summary, and an oral in-class presentation to be given during the last 2 weeks of classes. The projects will be graded on a per-effort basis, i.e. based on how much you have learned, how far and deep you have gone beyond the textbook, etc. Each student coming to the presentations will get a chance to score the other students’ projects.


Points available: 80 points total (up to 30 points for document preparation, and up to 50 points for in-class presentation)


What you need to do:

  • Choose a Modern Optics topic, or sub-topic from the list below or other topics of interest to you.
  • Inform the instructor via email of your plan to prepare a project as soon as possible, but no later than November 17.
  • Obtain approval of your topic from the instructor and a tentative date of the presentation.
  • Prepare and submit your project electronically to before the presentation.
  • Present your project in class and answer questions from the audience (15 min. presentation, including questions period).


The following is a short list of possible Modern Optics topics. You can pick any sub-topic from each general topic and be as specific as you want. You can also pick an Optics topic covered earlier in the semester and examine it at an advanced level. Think about what yourself and your audience would like to hear about.

Lasers, Holography, Nonlinear optics, Ultrafast optics, Photonic crystals and metamaterialsOptics for X-rays, Optics of tomography or other medical imaging ….

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