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All Physics Graduate Courses

PHYS515PHYS51500Thermal and Statistical Physics
PHYS521PHYS52100Survey of Classical Physics
PHYS522PHYS52200Coherent Optics And Quantum Electronics
PHYS526PHYS52600Quantum Computing (was 570C)
PHYS536PHYS53600Electronic Techniques for Research
PHYS545PHYS54500Solid-State Physics
PHYS550PHYS55000Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
PHYS556PHYS55600Introductory Nuclear Physics
PHYS560PHYS56000Stellar Evolution
PHYS561PHYS56100Galaxies and Large Scale Structure
PHYS562PHYS56200Introduction to High Energy Astrophysics
PHYS563PHYS56300Astroparticle Physics
PHYS564PHYS56400Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics I
PHYS565PHYS56500Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics II
PHYS566PHYS56600Introduction to Quantum Chromodynamics (was 590C)
PHYS567PHYS56700Observational Techniques In Astronomy
PHYS570PHYS57000Fundamental Atomic Force Microscopy
PHYS570APHYS57000Computational (Bio)molecular Physics
PHYS570AA57000Computational Electronic Structure of Atoms, Molecules and Solids
PHYS570EPHYS57000Introduction to Biophysics
PHYS570FPHYS57000Introduction To String Theory
PHYS570IPHYS57000High Energy Physics
PHYS570JPHYS57000Biophysics II
PHYS570KPHYS57000Physics of Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Structures
PHYS570NNPHYS57000Physics of Fluids and Granular Matter
PHYS570PPHYS57000Physics and Material Science of Semiconductor Nanostructures
PHYS570QPHYS57000Stochastic Processes in Physics
PHYS570RPHYS57000Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos and Networks
PHYS570SPHYS57000Topics In Atomic Theory
PHYS570TPHYS57000Tch Erth Phys Sci Sec
PHYS570VPHYS57000Advanced Topic in Optics and Photonics
PHYS570WPHYS57000Intro to Ultracold Atomic Physics
PHYS570XPHYS57000Carbon Nanophysics I
PHYS570YPHYS57000Modern Atomic Physics, Theory
PHYS570ZPHYS57000Introduction to Particle Accelerators
PHYS575PHYS57500Relativity Theory
PHYS580PHYS58000Computational Physics
PHYS590APHYS59000Principles of Physics I
PHYS590GPHYS59000Principles of Physics II
PHYS590TPHYS59000The Teaching of Earth And Physical Sci In The Secondary Sch For Transition To Teach Prog
PHYS593PHYS59300Advanced Physics Laboratory (Honors)
PHYS595PHYS59500Physics Curriculum Development
PHYS600PHYS60000Methods of Theoretical Physics I
PHYS601PHYS60100Methods of Theoretical Physics II
PHYS602PHYS60200Methods of Theoretical Physics IIIA
PHYS603PHYS60300Methods Of Theoretical Physics III B
PHYS605PHYS60500Pedagogical Methods for Physics Graduate Students (was 670A)
PHYS610PHYS61000Advanced Theoretical Mechanics
PHYS617PHYS61700Statistical Mechanics
PHYS618PHYS61800Advanced Statistical Mechanics (was 670S)
PHYS630PHYS63000Advanced Theory Of Electricity And Magnetism
PHYS631PHYS63100Advanced Theory of Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS645PHYS64500Electron Theory of Solids I
PHYS646PHYS64600Electron Theory of Solids II
PHYS658PHYS65800Elementary Particle Physics I
PHYS659PHYS65900Elementary Particle Physics II
PHYS660PHYS66000Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS661PHYS66100Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS662PHYS66200Quantum Field Theory I
PHYS663PHYS66300Quantum Field Theory II
PHYS664PHYS66400Quantum Theory Of Many-Body Systems
PHYS670DPHYS67000Introduction To Plasma Physics
PHYS670FPHYS67000Advanced Physics Laboratory
PHYS670GPHYS67000Optical Principles of the Diffraction and Scattering of X-Rays
PHYS675PHYS67500General Relativity
PHYS696PHYS69600Grad Research Seminar
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