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Submit CMSSW Jobs Using PBS

1. Login to the user interface hammer.rcac.purdue.edu

 ssh <YourPurdueID>@hammer.rcac.purdue.edu

2. Set up the cms environment as explained here

3. Create the CMSSW project area

 scramv1 project CMSSW CMSSW_version 

4. Go to directory to CMSSW_version/src 

cd CMSSW_version/src

5. Make sure the executable file cmsRun linked 


6. Change the CMSSW version, working directory, output directory and email address inside the job_template_cmssw, put this file under the directory where you want to submit job.  

7.  Create createjobs, change mode to o+rwx

8. Submit the job to PBS

./createjobs.csh jobname #event #job #submitjob cfgfilename nameofcluster

9. Check PBS job status

qstat cms 

CPU Utilization

Raw Storage Use