Flammable Materials      

  Any aerosol, gas, liquid, or solid that can easily be ignited and will produce a self-sustained flame.
A pure liquid with a flashpoint below 100oF
  acetone, ethanol, gasoline, isopropyl alcohol, mineral spirits, and turpentine
  Make sure that there are no sources of ignition
  Minimize the quantity used
  Avoid glass containers if possible
  A fire extinguisher should be in the work area
  PPE as required by hazard certification
Possible Health Effects:
  Skin irritation
  Defatting and drying of skin
  Respiratory irritation
First Aid:
  If unconscious:
    Remove victim to fresh air
    Apply CPR if appropriate
    Get medical attention
  Immediately flush skin or eyes with tepid water for at least 15 minutes
  See MSDS for more detailed first aid treatment
  Get medical attention if significant burns, or if in eyes